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CHARISSE: Industrial-Chic Twisted Nail Ring with Pavé Zirconia Embellishments

CHARISSE: Industrial-Chic Twisted Nail Ring with Pavé Zirconia Embellishments

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Style CHARISSE 4263: Industrial-Chic Twisted Nail Ring with Pavé Zirconia Embellishments.

Introducing our Nail-Shaped Ring, a striking embodiment of edgy sophistication and glamorous allure. Inspired by industrial chic and elevated with sparkling elegance, this unique piece redefines conventional jewelry design, making a bold statement with its unconventional shape and dazzling accents.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ring features a sleek and slender nail-shaped silhouette, exuding a sense of contemporary coolness and urban charm. Each end of the nail is adorned with radiant zirconia gemstones, carefully set to enhance their brilliance and create an eye-catching contrast against the industrial-inspired design.

The juxtaposition of rugged minimalism and opulent luxury makes this ring a truly distinctive accessory, perfect for those who dare to stand out and make a statement with their style. Whether worn as a symbol of strength and resilience or as a fashion-forward accent piece, the Nail-Shaped Ring adds an element of intrigue and individuality to any ensemble.

Crafted from premium materials and finished to perfection, this ring is designed to withstand the test of time while maintaining its exceptional beauty. Its versatile design allows it to be worn alone for a bold and minimalist look or stacked with other rings for a personalized and eclectic style.

Embrace the unconventional allure of our Nail-Shaped Ring and elevate your jewelry collection with its unique blend of urban edge and timeless elegance. Whether worn for everyday flair or to add a touch of drama to special occasions, this exquisite ring is sure to make a lasting impression, leaving admirers captivated by its daring design and undeniable allure.

Triple AAA Zirconia.

Crafted from a proprietary premium graded base metal; layered in opulent 18 karat pure gold & ultra-luxe silver tone. As adornments we use sustainable natural stone & shell, fresh water pearls and non-conflict AAA zirconia gemstones.

Water-Resistant. Tarnish-Free. Non-Allergic. Non-Toxic. Free of Nickel, Zinc, Lead and Cadmium.

  • Adjustable - Fits most Finger Sizes
  • Wear to Dress Up or Dress Down





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