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Join in our success by becoming an Independent AFFILIATE STYLIST; sharing, promoting, informing & selling HACKNEY NINE products and in turn, generating an income for yourself.

  • 25% Commission on every successful referral.
  • No Inventory to Buy or Stock.
  • No Packing & Shipping Hassles.
  • Your Personalised HACKNEY NINE Web Storefront.
  • No Website Fees.
  • Paid Weekly.
  • Wallet-Friendly Prices.
  • Style Perfect - Assured Quality: Products Sell Themselves.
  • Training & Support.
  • Opportunities to build your own Sales Network & Downline (5% Commission).

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    Choose from our extensive collection of eco-friendly & wallet -friendly jewellery to share with your audience. Simply inform, advice, educate and update your audience about our products on a regular basis. Posting photos of yourself wearing the products is always very effective. Some stylists prefer to post daily, others 3-4 times a week, depending on your audience.

     We have a broad assortment of styles and a constant flow of new designs, so there is always something new to post. Use our simple linking tools & the extensive library of product images to support your promotional activities.

    Build & grow a community of online buyers, and develop a long-term sustainable business with our 5-star google rated jewellery products.


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