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Tiger’s eye stones are special because they are a chatoyancy. In the crystal world, this refers to the optical illusion certain gemstones create after polishing. These gemstones look like a light bouncing off a cat’s eye. This is why it is called tiger’s eye!

Tigers eye gemstone

Tiger’s eye stones are mainly found South Africa and Australia. Their colors range from amber to brown, due to the replacement of mineral crocidolite fibers with silica.  From a spiritual perspective, Tiger’s Eye is highly regarded for strengthening the body force and improving energy levels. When you wear tiger’s eye, you can use it to ground yourself and to aid your root chakra. This stone helps you slow down, achieve balance where your energy is concerned, and live in the moment.

In ancient cultures, it was particularly valued by warriors. It is said to have a positive impact on the wearer since it is Sun, Fire, and Earth, allowing him or her to overcome any difficulty and balance his or her emotions. Furthermore, it cleanses negative energies and shields the wearer from their transfer.