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Why Eco-Friendly Jewellery?

Produce, consume, dispose – it often works like a one-way street. But this linear economy of “take, make, waste” production and consumption isn't compatible with the challenges facing the world today. To take on climate change and preserve our planet, we have to move away from a single-use mindset.

Recycling and the closed loop principle is the way forward. When we mine the earth for virgin metals, the mines themselves and the infrastructure that supports them is highly damaging to the environment. HACKNEY NINE is committed to NOT using virgin metals. We craft our jewellery using recycled metals only. When we recycle, we lessen damage & disruption to the environment, helping to preserve natural ecosystems and local wildlife.

  • The base metal that we use for all our jewellery pieces is a hand forged premium graded metal. This means our base metal does not come from mined sources, but instead comes from products that already exist. Even better news, at the end of their useful life all our jewellery pieces are 100% recyclable.
  • Our premium grade base metal is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled over and over yet keep 100% of its strength, durability, construction suitability and other aesthetically desired features. In other words, it doesn't suffer any degradation, so any production with stainless steel scrap is as good as "new". This differs drastically to the likes of plastic and other materials, which degrades in quality after recycling.
  • In using recycled metal, our carbon foot print is significantly lower as fossil fuels are not required in it's production.
  • Our recycled metal is environmentally neutral meaning that it doesn't release any toxins or harmful substances when it comes into contact with water, soil and air.

Surmounting global challenges such as climate change, & unsustainable lifestyles require embracing the Circular Economy as a guiding principle. By using recycled metal in our jewellery, and also by producing items that are recyclable, our production method becomes part of the sustainable closed loop, that underlies this principle.

The Circular Economy is becoming more and more important as a way to build sustainability, as virgin resources are depleted and widespread environmental degradation continues to be a major problem. The only way to achieve a long term sustainable economic future is by creating closed loop systems that require minimal new resource inputs and produce as little waste as possible.