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The appeal of digital fundraising is that it is easy to set up, accessible to everyone and can have a wide reach

Share & promote HACKNEY NINE products on your social media such as Face Book & Instagram, and in turn, generate an on-going contribution stream for your cause. Build an online community that prefer to shop with a charitable cause. 

  • 30% Commission on every successful sale.
  • No Inventory to Buy or Stock.
  • No Packing & Shipping Hassles.
  • Your Personalised HACKNEY NINE Web Storefront.
  • No Website Fees.
  • Wallet-Friendly Prices.
  • Style Perfect - Assured Quality: Products Sell Themselves.

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    Choose from our extensive collection of eco-friendly & wallet -friendly jewellery to share with your audience. Simply share our product information with your audience. Posting photos of yourself wearing the products is always very effective. Some fund raisers prefer to post daily, others 3-4 times a week, depending on your audience.

     We have a broad assortment of styles and a constant flow of new designs, so there is always something new to post. Use our simple linking tools & the extensive library of product images to support your promotional activities.



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