The greening of the skin from certain jewellery is essentially due to the COPPER in those pieces reacting to the moisture, sweat, lotions and perfume on your skin. It's known as the oxidation reaction. The copper reacts with oxygen in the air, your sweat and skin oils creating a green layer of copper carbonate on your skin. It looks terrible but is harmless. It is not an allergic reaction.hackney_nine | hackneynine | boutique-to-go | start-your-own-business | start-your-own-business-from-home | home-based-business| home_based-fashion-business | home-based-jewelry-business | affordable-jewelry | gold-chain | silver-chain  |hoops | earrings |become_a_brand_ambassador | become_an_independent_stylist | boutique_to_go | gold-chain | silver-chain | necklace | earrings | charms | jewelry | jewelry-store | pandora | bracelet | shop-jewelry | zodiac-jewelry | silver-jewelry | gold-jewelry | 925silver | heart-Jewelry | Inspirational-jewelry | dainty-jewelry | zirconia

Should you just stop wearing copper based jewellery?

No, that is not necessary if you are prepared to follow certain care rules. 

If and when your skin does turn colour from copper jewellery, you may notice it more on different parts of your body. Rings which are worn close to the skin are the worst because of no air circulation between your finger and the ring. Your finger sweats and produces oils which are trapped between your finger and the ring.

Bracelets have air circulation between your wrist and the bracelet thus don't seem to produce as much discoloration of your skin. If you wear a copper bracelet or cuff that is tight against the skin, then most likely you'll have discoloration much like a ring.

Pendants and charms worn over your clothes won't discolour because they aren't in contact with your sweat or skin oils. Pendants worn against the skin tend to move causing air circulation between the pendant and your skin. Unless you're a sweaty and oily person and jewellery tends to stick to your skin, you shouldn't have any discoloration.

There are plenty of people who wear copper pendants, chains, or bracelets almost every day and everywhere including the shower and seldom take their copper jewellery off. It doesn't turn their skin color, why? Simply put it's because they are keeping the jewellery clean by showering in it; cleaning off any oxidation caused by your body. 

Essentially, keeping your copper jewellery very clean will help in the prevention of oxidation turning your skin green. This is especially true of more tighter pieces that remain close to the skin for longer periods such as rings. Take off your copper jewellery every night. Wipe your jewellery with a clean soft cloth when you remove it. Doing this will clean any body oils or sweat off your jewellery. Wash copper jewellery with warm water and soap. You can also use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub away grime.

Another fix, if you cannot find time to clean your copper jewellery regularly (daily) is to coat it with clear nail polish to create a protective barrier. The polish won't stay on forever, but it's a temporary fix. Then you can clean your copper jewellery less often, maybe once a week, depending on your individual skin type. Experiment a few times to figure out the optimum period between cleanings. 

Bottom line: The cleaner you keep your copper jewellery the less likely your skin will discoloration from oxidation.


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