MAKE MONEY. Sell Beautiful Artisan Jewellery. 30% Commission

Join in our success by becoming an Independent AFFILIATE STYLIST; sharing, promoting, informing & selling HACKNEY NINE products and in turn, generating an income for yourself.

  • 30% Commission
  • No Inventory to Buy or Stock.
  • No Packing & Shipping Hassles
  • Your Personalised HACKNEY NINE Web Storefront
  • No Website Fees
  • Paid Monthly
  • Wallet-Friendly Prices
  • Style Perfect - Assured Quality: Products Sell Themselves
  • Training & Support
  • A FREE $50 Gift Card to shop at HACKNEY NINE. Membership $30
  • Opportunities to build your own Sales Network & Downline (5% Commission)

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 So How Does It Work?

  • Enrol to become an Independent Affiliate Stylist (JOIN NOW button below) and we will set up your account and your personalised HACKNEY NINE online storefront.
  • Upon enrolment, you will get our training manual that gives pointers on effective ways to create rapport with your perspective purchasers, generate sales and build a successful business.
  • You don't have to handle stock and payments. We warehouse the inventory, take care of payments, as well as order processing, packing, & shipping. You just focus on promoting & selling, and earning a commission!
  • Your sales are tabulated every month and we will make your commission payment to you by PayPal or Electronic Transfer directly into your bank account. You will have access to your own online dashboard to monitor sales and commission payments.
  • For the joining fee of $30, you will get a FREE Coupon to order HACKNEY NINE products up to the value of $50.
  • Commission rates are 30% on full priced items & 15% on sale items, of the net purchase value (after discounts and before taxes & shipping). 
  • By joining, you become a member of a community of supportive and successful entrepreneurs. We provide mentoring and training to give you every chance of making your independent business a success.  
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How Do I Sell

Our training manual provides a useful guide to ethical no-pressure consultative selling methods, and building a successful business. Generally, most Stylists build a community of buyers, communicating with their prospective customers via social media and email. A few prefer face to face consultations (with COVID precautions). Many buyers like to watch presentations on live video on Facebook and other platforms. We provide you with product images, descriptions and access to our marketing materials.

Simply inform, advise, educate and update your audience about our products on a regular basis. Posting photos of yourself wearing the products is always very effective. Some stylists prefer to post daily, others 3-4 times a week, depending on your audience. We have a broad assortment of styles and a constant flow of new designs, so there is always something new to post.

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    Can I Recruit?

    For Stylists with leadership aspirations we provide incentives if you wish to build your own sales network. Stylists that join your team will also earn 30% commission on sales, and you will earn 5% on their net sales and 1% on their recruits' sales, provided you remain an active seller. To be an active seller you need to have made minimum sales of $100 in the previous month. Commission is only paid for the sale of goods and not for recruitment or sponsorship. 

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    Become an Official Stockist - Buy Wholesale
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    • Sell in your own physical retail space or online.
    • Set up a pop-up boutique at craft fairs, farmers markets, home parties, girls get together, mall carts, fund raisers, events, school fairs, mobile shop, etc.
    • Start your own Facebook group with a community of buyers.
    • Live stream sales sessions on Facebook Live; promote through Zoom and market to other social media audiences.
    • Start a shop-in-shop at your local fashion boutique, hair salon, spa, nail bar, etc.