Are you looking to connect more with the universe? African Turquoise is fantastic for those who are seeking a spiritual connection with the cosmos & Mother Nature

Tumbled African Turquoise - African Turquoise Tumbled Stone | New Moon  Beginnings


Characteristics & Healing Properties:

The name "African Turquoise" is a bit misleading because this stone is not turquoise at all, but rather a type of jasper mined in Africa. The natural earthly content of the stone, which includes crystal quartz as well minerals, contributes to the stone's beautiful organic appearance.


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African turquoise is known as the stone of evolution, as it brings about significant change and transformation in one's life. This lovely stone opens your mind to the possibility of new and unknown experiences. It helps us accept the need for change and gives us the assurance that change can be dealt with, eventually resulting in positive outcomes.