The Stone of Balance


Sodalite is said to have strong metaphysical properties that can stimulate creative slumps.

It's energy is known to aid you to develop your intuition and stimulate psychic visions. This beautiful stone has powerful energy to help you get back in touch with your true self, filling you with therapeutic energies of self-acceptance, self-esteem, trust and confidence to remind you of all the fantastic attributes that make you who you are.

Practitioners have used sodalite to organize the mind, as it's said to promote rational thought, objectivity and perception. It is sometimes thought to cleanse lymph nodes and boost the immune system. All these balancing abilities are why sodalite is often used in groups with other stones and among multiple users.

Sodalite is found in locations throughout Canada, including near Bancroft, Ontario, in the Ice River Valley, and Kicking Horse River areas of British Columbia.  It is usually found in a massive formation, and occurs in white, blue, violet and pink colors.  Whether your sodalite is solid blue or mixed with other colors, it is sure to be a stone of great beauty and character.  The blue color is the most recognized color of sodalite in the gem trade.  Sodalite is a component of the better known stone lapis lazuli and is sometimes mistaken for lapis because of the closeness of the blue colors.