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Like a lot of people do you find yourself in a loop? Making the same errors that lead to the same results, whether its relationships, career or business; such as picking romantic partners that are very controlling and narcissistic. Or making the same career or business mistake that results in a poor outcome, financially or personally? It’s very easy to blame external causes and other people, but how many times do you have to get “unlucky” in a row before you might want to consider it may be the result of your decision making process.

Carl Jung once said: ““Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

In other words accept that it’s not always outside factors and other people that are driving the outcomes, but your decisions based on foundations you may not even be cognizant of. More often than not, our decision making process is on autopilot guided by an unconscious self. A lot of our actions and reactions fall within the “knee-jerk” category. They’re our mind’s attempt to simplify and automate the living process. It’s easier for the mind to refer to past experiences and act accordingly than to constantly assess new dynamics. Those types of reactions solidify overtime and become habit. They become your identity. They influence how you see the world—and how the world sees you.

These unconscious preferences drive your decision making and communication. If you are not very self-aware and have never taken the time to look into the inner mirror of who you are and why you do the things you do then you are being directed by something you are not conscious of. Most people go through life, unaware that it is they themselves who are in charge through the virtue of their thinking minds. Most are unaware that they control their destiny through their thought patterns and unconscious beliefs.

This is a liberating realisation, by owning the fact that you caused it; so you will be able to avoid it moving forward. Accepting responsibility is the first step. Lower your shield so you can look into what your true unconscious intentions are. In other words make the unconscious conscious. Then begin to avoid the same pitfalls and quicksand you have been stuck in your whole life.

Unless you take charge of your unconscious thinking patterns, habits, beliefs and self identity, you’ll assume that someone else or something else is in charge and ultimately you have no control (fate).


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