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The Pig Couch - An add on to your Farmhouse Style decor?

 pig-couch | hackney-nine

Would you have The Pig Couch in your living room, perhaps to add to your farm house style decor?

Designed by Pavia Burroughs, a 31-year-old Connecticut native living in Philadelphia, who said she made the couch herself back in 2011 as part of an installation for her senior thesis. “I was heavily influenced by Kit Williams’s book 'Masquerade'. In the book, there’s a painting of a man who plays the music for the world, and he’s sitting upon a crying pig, covered in grass.”

“I sold the couch to a man in Maryland in 2011/2012, I thought I sold it for $500, though someone sent me today a blog saying it sold for $950 — I feel like that was my asking, but not what I got,” Burroughs writes. “The buyer told me that pigs were tied somehow to the branding of his company, and that he was going to use it as office furniture.”

However, it's gained some notoriety as a scam item on Craigslist. “People love it, people hate it, it’s objectively horrifying, and weird, and adorable, and sad. It’s ironic that it’s famous for being ‘sold on Craigslist’, because it was very difficult to sell, it took me a whole year to get that $500 for it - but it’s part of the joke, it’s unbelievable that anyone would ever buy it,” Burroughs continues. "Fake ads appear on Craigslist, every few years offering the couch for sale. Everyone always uses the photo I took in 2011 in my student studio, so for all I know it’s still in Maryland,” .

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